Our Vision

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The health infrastructure in Pakistan and many other developing countries are at critical stage. The existing methodological design of practices from prevention to cure are remote there in insufficient resources and lower public health care awareness require urgent reformation to be compatible with health requirements. The minimum access to clean water, widespread of infectious diseases including gastroenteritis and tuberculosis, drugs and smoking addictions, traffic accidents and related traumatic situations are at alarming pace.

70% of our population lives in villages and the poor may have to travel for 3-4 hours to reach a hospital, only to get a blood borne infection from either dirty syringes or surgical tools. Imagine a young man who is suffering from heart attack with no ambulance, oxygen, ECG monitor, defibrillator or a doctor at hand. What are the chances of his survival?

It is a fact that resources are scarce but there also appears to be serious lack of will and necessary skills to tackle these health problems in a systematic way. Every individual has the right to be treated by a qualified doctor with respect and understanding, in a sympathetic and honest manner.

The fundamental questions then arise: Why are things getting so out of control? Do we really care? Can we shrug off our responsibility? or is it that we simply do not have the ability? Are we waiting for someone else to clear the mess we are in? This may never happen! Unless most appropriate efforts with knowledge based methods and passionate responsibly are launched.

Prevention and control of disease need to be one of the highest priorities in maintaining a stable health system. Everyone will agree that this is time for action rather than words but who will put the first step in right direction? Who has the determination to adhere to the right principles? Who has the motivation and persistence to finish the job right through to the end…?

The answer to all these questions is me, you and us – particularly those who have the ability and resources to make the difference. Let us get together and think ahead to bring about this change. Let us bridge the gaps between us. Let us work together from one platform of understanding, devotion, and care for humanity that’s is APPS Europe.

Whilst we all strive and pray for the welfare of Pakistan and humanity in need around the globe, we should not forget that the Europe is our adopted homeland. We should work hard to maintain the high standards of patient care and be part of the decision-making within the National Health Service in our European countries of residence to shape a better health care system for the future generations in the Europe, Pakistan and developing countries. Therefore, our vision as APPS Europe to identify the gaps in health science, filling of health knowledge and bridging experts between east and west is the first desired key. May Allah guide and help us all. Ameen!