The aim of the Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of Europe (APPS EUROPE) is to build bridges among doctors, dentists, and allied health professionals, relevant scientists, and integrated experts and promote the highest standards with knowledge-based methods of patient care, education, training, charity, and humanitarian help, research, and development. To achieve this, the objectives shall be:



  1. To provide a platform for support and guidance to doctors, dentists, allied health professionals and students of Pakistani heritage in the Europe as well as in Pakistan by providing information, expert advice and training.
  2. To raise health awareness in the European community as well as Pakistan via talks, health stalls, media and brochures.
  3. To modernise the healthcare system of Pakistan and introduce knowledge based methods for true operational quality value and providing regular advisory for making effective health policy contents and implementation models for national and provincial Governments.
  4. To alleviate the suffering of victims of disease, natural disasters, catastrophes and war, in particular but not exclusively, in Pakistan by providing humanitarian aid and provide highly active platform for our scientists, physician, surgeon, dental, pharmaceutical experts and psychologists to serve the humanity and deprived communities.
  5. To provide advisory to Governments and other institutions for the formulation of health policy and programs, conduct gap analysis for reformation and find solutions to complex problems for corrections with most appropriate methodologies.
  6. To organise search groups for transforming existing research and practices to advance level with long and short term strategic methods for quality operationalisation and simultaneously developing professionals with advanced knowledge, research, methods and best practices to serve the humanity and nations.
  7. To organise joint international collaboration for health programs from prevention to curative sides , publish articles for innovation and new findings with the inclusion of integrated allied expert groups and the members as integrated solutions.
  8. To facilitate and organise regular conferences, seminars and workshops for exclusive exposure of new findings, ideas, methods and learning together with expert members, international institutional and academic experts.
  9. To guide and facilitate admissions and placements for health students, trainee, trained medics and researchers in academic or other institutions for further study or job with the help of our team or third party consulting firms.
  10. To organise active collaboration with academia and research councils to identify future research and development projects and introduce to our eligible members to participate.
  11. To introduce new deals and methods for the financial welfare of the members and legal assistance with the help of our team or third party consultants.

Note:- The APPS Europe fully believe in operationalisation and further operational and implementation plan to achieve these objectives will be published one by one as APPS Europe Action plan 2021 in which projects will be identified each country office and also for joint operations with the inclusion of some or all supervised and managed by APPS Europe head office.